3 Aug 2016

Broomfield City and County Commons Park gets GreenFields® MX turf system, the newest technology in sports turf

Constructed in 2002, Commons Parks Championship Field was due for a replacement. The city wanted to provide the best playing surface for the city and county of Broomfield. GreenFields created not only a system that was the best for playing football and soccer, but also a surface which replicates the playability of natural grass while offering a more consistent playing surface with a more natural ball roll, reduced glare, and more authentically natural appearance. Broomfield was on a search to find the best systems synthetic turf had to offer.

Thoroughly impressed According to Jeff Kroeger, Landscape Architect at BHA Design Landscape: “Once we showed Broomfield the GreenFields® MX system they were truly blown away. It was obvious the product was superior to anything else they had seen in the marketplace.” Broomfield County’s Capital Improvement Project Manager Rhonda Jo Ackerman-Alford confirms the city was “thoroughly impressed” by the GreenFields® MX system and that “Broomfield set the bar high and we were fortunate to hit it with the MX system. There was no obvious competition that could match the specifications of GreenFields® MX”.

100% Recyclable The world-class GreenFields® MX systems consists of a new patented triple “W-weaving” technique and in combination with environmentally safe and healthy materials, this new synthetic turf design is 100% recyclable. Furthermore, compared to a conventional tufting procedure, this patented weaving technique provides a higher yarn density ensuring an enhanced tuft bind and permits a combination of up to six different fiber designs and pile heights. GreenFields Rocky Mountain Sales Manager Bob Aurich worked closely with the City and County of BroomField, BHA Design, and Academy Sports Turf to provide the GreenFields® MX system: “It is technologically advanced and quite frankly the best we have ever made”.

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