The primary backing of a synthetic turf carpet provides strength, dimensional stability and tuft-lock within the system. The choice for the right backing in an application is all about balancing the needs of the surface and its users. For example, the backing of a monofilament-based American football pitch has different requirements than for a hockey pitch made using fibrillated tape synthetic turf fibers.

The backing not only plays an important role after the synthetic turf is installed. The use of a high-quality backing at the production and installation stages of synthetic turf also provides many distinct qualitative advantages. TenCate Grass Backing solutions are easy to use, prevent creasing or tension differences in tufted or woven artificial grass carpets and guarantee optimum control through the manufacturing process.

For optimum stitching of the synthetic turf fibers with minimum distortion and for a simple installation of your synthetic turf, we recommend using TenCate Grass synthetic turf fibers in combination with TenCate Grass backings. TenCate Grass Backing solutions are stable and free of tension, which prevents moving lines and damage of seams during surface installation.

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