Other Sports


TenCate Grass synthetic turf fibres have the durability, performance attributes and adaptability to also be used for a number of other sports. Artificial grass provides a safe, long-lasting, low-maintenance solution for sports surfaces and TenCate Grass fibres add a level of quality and reassurance that the surface will perform well under activity.


Not only is synthetic turf ideal for golf courses in areas of the world which suffer from a shortage of available water but it can also be suitable for high-usage areas of a golf facility, such as tee boxes, putting greens, a driving range or practice greens.

As the function of the different parts of a golf course vary greatly, there are different requirements for the synthetic turf top layer and substructure for each area. It can therefore be a good idea to consider and apply different systems within one golf course and TenCate Grass components allow for this variety.


Padel is ideally suited to being played on an artificial grass surface as this provides an all-weather, easy to maintain solution which can be installed indoors or outdoors. The product range of TenCate Grass synthetic fibres provides the flexibility of selecting straight yarns or texturised yarns for a padel court that can be used by players of all ages and abilities.

American Football

As synthetic turf fields can be used and played on much more extensively than natural turf, the advantages speak for themselves when it comes to American football: fewer cancellations, training permitted on the main stadium field, a longer outdoor season in a cold climate, reduced maintenance expenses, and the possibility to use the stadium for various other functions.

The use of synthetic turf also ensures a football field has uniform playability and performance characteristics. TenCate Grass has a range of synthetic turf fibres and backings available for American football which provide different characteristics to give a suitable solution for every need.


The first types of artificial grass were created in the 1960s as baseball turfs. Technology has advanced though and modern synthetic turf surfaces closely replicate natural grass, providing good ball speed, realistic sliding distances and true ball bounce. TenCate Grass have a range of synthetic turf fibres that are suitable for both infield and outfield areas and also for batting cages and practice areas.


For a game that requires speed and consistency, synthetic turf is an ideal playing surface for lacrosse. Selecting the right synthetic turf fibres ensures a field that provides predictable ball bounce and delivers excellent player/surface and ball/surface interaction. As part of a complete system, TenCate Grass components provide durability, consistency and quality for a resilient, high-performing lacrosse field.


For both indoor and outdoor use, an artificial cricket wicket provides an even surface that takes turn. Synthetic turf allows for an all-weather surface that is hard-wearing and delivers consistent ball bounce. TenCate Grass fibres include both straight and texturised yarns which can be used for cricket surfaces.

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