Every tennis player has a preference for the surface they play on and the options have been quite varied over the years, with gravel, grass and hard-court surfaces commonly-used. The newest developments in the artificial grass industry make synthetic turf an ideal alternative though, with the ability to replicate performance and playing qualities of natural grass and clay courts.

Many beginners prefer to play on a ‘slow' surface, whereas advanced tennis players often prefer a ‘fast’ court. Facility owners therefore have to invest in a surface to suit the requirements of a varied membership and a synthetic turf court can be the answer to this.

The components from which every synthetic turf court is constructed can be selected to ensure a tailor-made tennis court that will meet the needs of its users. In addition, the use of artificial grass provides an all-weather surface that can be used all year round. A number of TenCate Grass synthetic turf fibres and backings are suitable for tennis applications, delivering a range of products with different characteristics which meet every need.

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