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By incorporating innovative extrusion technology and materials, TenCate Grass strives to manufacture and supply synthetic turf components that offer optimal playing and aesthetic characteristics with long-term durability.

Testing of newly developed components can be performed in-house at TenCate Grass using a number of different test methods, including Lisport. Not only can the composition and specification of synthetic turf fibres be tested, but long term weathering performance can also be analysed.

Polymers in general and polyolefins, more specifically in the case of synthetic turf yarns, become vulnerable from exposure to sunlight. Under the influence of sunlight, photo-degradation can occur and polymer chains start to break down. This ultimately can cause cracking, chalking, colour changes and loss in physical properties. In order to prevent this process, UV stabilisers are added to the compounds.

The lab at TenCate Grass is equipped with a Weather-O-Meter (WOM) which is used to test and analyse whether the polymers are sufficiently stabilised. This machine simulates accelerated outdoor exposure and, fitted with a Xenon light source, provides very realistic data. The WOM exposes yarns to artificial sunlight and rain in cycles. The tensile strength of synthetic turf fibres is measured every 1000 hours and the possible reduction in tensile strength is calculated.

Furthermore, the performance of the components can be tested through turf construction testing and performance testing of a complete synthetic turf system.

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