'Proeftuin Lageveld'

Technology & Innovation

The objective of the project Proeftuin Lageveld is to make public infrastructural works more sustainable, cost-efficient and safer. It specifically means: research, development, 'real-life' testing and demonstrating sustainable and innovative product-solutions for public infrastructural works in a living lab-environment. Innovations are shown and exposed to the outside world, to demonstrate their application in real and complex situations and to gain practical insights for further development towards market introduction. This results in products with a lower ecological footprint, an increased longevity, more flexible deployment and a lower total cost of ownership.

TenCate Grass focuses on making components / applications more sustainable in the synthetic turf market, for example the development of hybrid fibers/fabrics (e.g. bioplastics) for a multitude of applications. The Proeftuin is a perfect opportunity for TenCate Grass to test optimizations in its product portfolio in practice. For TenCate Grass this provides new insights that can be used to optimize the product and its production process. For the Proeftuin, for example, this is e.g. an innovative ‘pocket-textile fabric’ as a substructure system in the infrastructure market and hybrid grass systems, whether or not for sports applications.

The operational program (OP) “EFRO East Netherlands” is a joint funding program of the provinces Gelderland and Overijssel and is working on structural reinforcement of the economy. Eastern Holland puts the EFRO resources in promoting innovation and low carbon footprint economy. The goal is that more Eastern Dutch SMEs increase turnover with new products.

The activities mentioned above are made possible by the European Union.

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